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Our 2-dimensional art includes logo design, portraiture commissions,

and dynamic murals that will transport any wall or room into a place of wonder.

Go ahead. Immortalize your face or body in plaster and display it for the world to see.

Spend an hour or so 'under the brush' while your skin is transformed into a work of art, then be professionally photographed as a living canvas. Prices start at only $50.

Have trouble making friends? Let us make one for you. We fully sculpt, mold and fabricate custom characters for use in museums, theatres, private homes and even places of work.

From the horrific to the whimsical, we can help bring your ideas to life.

Sappho paint
Just finished
Body Paint - Atom Heart Maiden
Dreaded severed silicone hand
Quick body painting at milton beer fest!
My Love, in color
Spirit Realm series - Escape
UV Body Paint - Amy
2nd in the series. 24x30. Yes, everything has its price..
UV Body Paint - Tropic Thunder
Quick back piece for Arts Fest! Open until 5
Some quick makeup on William today
The King. 24x30 acrylic with gold
First batch of Frankenlamps sold out so more being made (like this one!)
Makeup demo
Custom acrylic fangs
24x30 Bride. One of a kind
UV Body Paint - Deep Space
UV Body Paint - Deep Space pose 2
Silicone character - Gypsy Rose
Silicone head - Jessica
30x40 acrylic - Heaven Captured
Spirit Realm series - Vanity
UV Body Paint - Elise
Bri Blood photo session
UV Body Paint - Jellyfish
Spirit Realm series - The Orb
UV Body Paint - BriC
Lifecast as plaster wall art
Quick 2D makeups for event
24x30 acrylic - Pulp Cover
Clay sculpt on lifecast
UV Body Paint - Fire and Ice 1
UV Body Paint - Fire and Ice 2
Unpainted silicone hand
Painted silicone hand
Body Paint - in progress
Body Paint - Backrug
Silicone appliances 1
Silicone appliances 2
UV Body Paint - JessSpace
Clay sculpt
Jess and Melvin (he's silicone)
Body Paint - Tree1
Lifecast to plaster
Homeless Moe silicone head
Homeless Moe silicone head 2
UV Body Paint - Spvine
Clay rough of Gypsy Rose
Gypsy Rose silicone head midway
Gypsy Rose full silicone character
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